RC DAX Master 課程同學們的分享(多年來,為保障同學們的私隱,絕不公開全名)

Student I:
"Dear Rickey,
Good evening. Thank you for your great teaching as always. I have traded DAX for 2.5 weeks already. The result is stunning as I won ( USD X nondisclosed ) already. The strategies are simple but the edge is so powerful. For those who have learnt other courses before this course, you can see RC has done tremendous research on which strategies work best. It is our luck to have the world best trading coach who is willing to teach us. Thank you!"

Student A:
"In Dec ( 2 weeks ) : Paper Trade with 2 contracts and won around 100 point.
In Jan ( 1 week ) : Real Money Trade with X contracts and won 163 pt = EUR $ X
4/1 -10pt
5/1 +97pt
6/1 No Trade
7/1 +70pt
8/1 +6pt
My comment is simple way, powerful edge and easy to win. Thanks for your teaching again."

Student K:
"I have been trading DAX with real money since 11Dec, until now (8Jan), the statistics is as below (ignoring commission or other transaction cost incurred):
Number of contracts every trade: 2
Number of trading days(market is on): 16
Number of trades: 13
Profit: HKD X , amount non- disclose
Expected profit per trade: HKD X , non disclose
RC DAX master provides us with a very simple way to trade and win. Not much we need to think about, just follow the rules and apply the suitable strategies, and money will go into you account. With the high volatility in DAX market, I can trade only 1 hour (or even less) and get the profit. I would like to thank RC for such a simple and powerful method!"

Student A:
"I truly appreciate the skill you have shared with me. I enrolled RC's DAX master in mid Dec and started trading DAX since Dec 30th. So far I traded in 5 afternoon sessions and each time I executed 1 regular DAX contract. I won 4 sessions and lost 1. Net gain HKD X , non disclosed
I enjoy trading DAX as I don't have to suffer sleepless night for US market. With RC DAX master indicator, now I trade with confidence and stress free."

Student J:
"Here are some comments of my DAX trade experience: DAX indicator is the easiest one compare with RC89. Quick pick up and user friendly. Chance to gain is nearly 80% if strictly follow the rules and set stop loss. I only trade for 2 weeks (1st week Dec paper trade, 2nd week of Dec and the first week by Jan 2016 in real $$) and each time 1 contract, the result is USD X ( amount non disclose ) approx. Sometimes, due to high volatility, the entry point was not very good and take profit too quick. Jan 2016 much better and get used to Dax characteristic, so sometimes take profit by 2-3 bars and with priority Long/short, dare to ride and move POE.
In general, DAX is a Masterpiece indicator and especially for fresh learner like me, not too much headache to think what to do, just follow the formula and quick gain !!"











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