RC NQ Master 納指大師級課程同學們的分享(多年來,為保障同學們的私隱,絕不公開全名)

同學Mr F的分享:
"I took RC NQ Master course early this year, and you can know the advantage of the course shared by other students. What I want to share here is the appreciation to Rickey. Some people may query if it's worthy to spend such course fee for just 2 hours duration for each class. Let me tell you here that the time you will benefit mostly from the course is not during the class, but during the continuous coaching conducted by Rickey.
Indeed Rickey can just teach all the stuff and then leave them to the students, no need to care if students can be successful or not afterwards. But every morning following trade day, he keeps sending trading report for previous night, reviewing the result from different trading methods with explanation. At the beginning, I felt quite hard to handle trading smoothly right after I took the course. But after continuous learning from the coaching material and radio commentary by Rickey, I can develop full confidence to trade right now. Thank you Rickey for his unselfish contribution and passion to lead his students become successful traders!"

同學Ms M的分享:
"Trading futures has been in my mind for years because of the latest technology that makes trading at home as a side job easier and more efficient. I knew the market is attractive but very risky. I wanted to get started in trading but did not know how. From newspapers, I read about Rickey, the commendable expert in the trading field. After reading his books and a collection of articles about him, I found his trading journey incredible and amazing and decided to take his courses last year. Since then, I have been a happy trader, trading ES/NQ 2-3 hours a day. The course materials, the regular real time training and continuous support from Rickey and his team all help me immensely in building my confidence and knowledge in trading that I would never have learnt from other sources. Thank you Rickey for your sharing and commitment to students."

同學Mr W的分享:
"First, I want to express my gratitude to you for your course and real-time coaching! Before your course, I found trading can be quite stressful when I have no edge. Now, I am proud to tell you I enjoyed trading a lot. Here is my feedback
i. Agree completely that NQ master is the best gift to HK traders. It allows HK traders to keep the day job.
ii. The method (simple and back test) together with the indicator provides consistent methodology to enter/exit a trade
iii. The logic of NQ master is a masterpiece. As it is so simple to understand and deliver consistent good result."

同學Mr S的分享:
我是在2009年知道了RC這個人物,而真正成為他的學生是2013年,但如果我能夠早一點信任RC,我己經能夠過著更美好的人生。NQ Master 是個劃時代的課程,每晚只交易兩到三小時,對於像我這個朝八晚八的人,這兩三個小時,讓我的收入比上班的十二個小時還多。老實說,我也不需要推介什麼,你相信RC,成為他的學生,你已經笑呵呵,你不相信的,也不打緊,因為期貨是個零和遊戲,你不參與,只是讓一些人獲利,一些人蝕本,而你不會損失。所以我推介的是你們上RC的seminar,除了知道香港人極少接觸的期貨巿場外,我誠意推介你們讀那本免費的"逆陽之旅",你用幾萬就買了一個人用二十年的投資成果,貴嗎?"

同學Ms T的分享:
I may say NQ Master course is the best gift ever. Why i say it's a gift if it need to be paid. Because it worth a lot more than I paid. I learnt NQ Master for 1 month & several days only, it already gave me the confidence in trading which i never had. RC is a great tutor who can give you a successful logical frame to follow, he won't ask to just do things, but lead you to do what will be successful. The radio comment during trading and daily report after trading combine nicely with NQ Master course to become a practical life time course. The logic of the course shorten my learning curve, i was told by other tutor that i need at least 3 years to understand the market and start to win consistency. But now, only 1 month & serval days, I know my successful trading days are just right by me."

同學Ms Y的分享:
"以前的經驗是交易而能夠持續盈利是件非常困難的事情,大部分時間是一時羸錢一時輸錢,周而復始地不停在輸羸間兜轉. 跟了RC學習,令交易思路變得簡單而清晰,持續盈利不是那麼困難了,放鬆心情, 擁抱交易吧!"

同學Mr K的分享:
"I am trading stock, future, options for many years. I cannot find my edge to trade until I have learned a lot form Rickey. Since I have a day time job, I have no time trading in HK market. NQ master is the most suitable option for me. I am the first batch of student to learn NQ master. I take lots of time to do backtest and forward test and now I am confident enough to get consistent positive results. The big profit day I still remember this year is 40 points NQ future in a single day. I just need to put 15 NQ future points as stop loss but it is rarely filled. NQ master is the best choice for HK trader with full time job. I appreciate that Rickey only teaches HK trader."

同學Mr B的分享:
"NQ Master is a very effective course tailored for part time traders in Hong Kong. Within the 2 or 3 hour practice, not only can generate very desirable return, quite often it surpasses many other courses practicing for the whole night until market ends. The indicators are capable to capture early movement in US equity market which is a perfect compliment to RC 9 that usually does not have practice in very early market.
Winning percentage & profit factor is high. Strategies are easy to apply. Both the traditional backtest & the later introduced simple methods yield consistent & reliable result. The former (backtest) method is aggressive leading to earlier entry with higher winning points while the latter (simple) strategies are more conservative but better accuracy and easier to practice. Despite I am fortunate to be able to access the superb RC private class , I still subscribe without interruption the NQ Master indicators because there is some useful & valuable data can be used. Would highly recommend new students going for NQ Master, or even better to cross referring with RC 9 and eRussell to obtain more accurate result."

同學Ms W的分享:
"Joined RC NQ maser course a month ago. Before joining Rickey's courses, I had attended other courses organised by the other professional traders which i found quite difficult to understand and put into practice. I must say RC NQ master course is a very trader friendly and well organized course in terms of the trading method, trading hours, trading time and after course support. You may develop an understanding smoothly in the process of doing backtest exercises and real time trading. Shortly after the real time trading, I started winning money. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a better trader/investor. It is worth the money."

同學Ms C的分享:
當RC經過預備離開時,我只是輕輕說了一句:「我的投資經驗是零,可不可以學呢?」得到的回答是:「仲好啦!」幸好課堂當日我可以抽出時間上課,不然的話,一拖再拖就可能白白錯過了學習RC課程的機會。 由Beginner 到NQ Master,花四萬多學6小時課程,有些人說不值得(當中包括我最親的人),但我可以肯定的告訴你,這個課程物超所值!策略優勢、方法簡單、時間方便等等....暫時想不到這個課程有什麼缺㸃,覺得有問題的相信只會是一些不守紀律的人。再花了些時間去理解怎樣進行交易,參加RC安排的即市實戰,想不到只是短短40天,我便可以進行真正交易了。只要遵守着RC NQ Master 課程所教的理論,多花時間做backtest and forward test,你會發現原來是很容易上手的,起碼對於我這個對投資一竅不通的新手來説是的。 十分慶幸自己有機會學習NQ Master 課程,如果早幾年認識Rickey,早些學曉就更加好了。"