以下所有關於即市實戰(real-time coaching) 由證監會持牌人 RC Futures Advisory Limited 提供

RC Order Flow 課程同學們的分享(多年來,為保障同學們的私隱,絕不公開全名)

Student C:
"我是第一班學習RC Order Flow 的學生,過去一個月,感謝RC從百忙中抽空提供免費的即市實戰給我們。

在上課前大約一個星期,RC已開始每晚講解如何用Order Flow 炒賣美股期貨,當時因為仍未了解Order Flow,真的錯失了不少入市機會。

上課後,理解到Order Flow 是大機構用作確定炒賣的工具,看RC課堂上派的50頁筆記,聽RC詳細講解如何運用它的三大優勢,當時雖然仍未正式用它來炒賣,但已經感覺到它是一個非常好用的系統。

觀察了兩三天,Order Flow 的準確度實在令人驚訝,我更確定用它來配合RC Indicator ,勝出率高達九成,可惜的是仍有很多香港炒家從未聽聞Order Flow這個工具。

以下是RC 即市實戰及我在四月份的美股期貨的炒賣結果:



Student P:
"Dear Rickey,

Thank you so much for your teaching in real time coaching. It is very useful and practical and I have learnt a lot from it.

1. I have joined 4 days real time coaching
2. If 100% follow your signal, 4 days win
3. My result is 3 days win and 1 day no trade

I think it is the best way to use whatsapp to do real time coaching and it would be grateful if you can continue to do real time coaching in the coming months."

Student S:
"Hello Sir,

I started to do real time coaching from Mar 7 to April 29, a total of 8 weeks.
1st week I suffered a loss because it was the first time doing real time coaching and almost every day the advises contradict with NQ Master signal. Decision was all wrong.
2nd week I separated the two and treated as two separate system with stop loss strictly executed independently without taking into consideration of each other. I still suffered a loss but a lot less because of I could not completely separated the two
3rd week to 8th week
I managed to be positive every week with RC comments and in between this period NQ master lost for a few days.
I cannot count how many days I win from RC real time and NQ master but so far my account is positive combined all trades together and it's progressing in a good trend.
I made mistakes on the first two weeks because I mixed up NQ indicator and RC real time coaching together so every trade was super wrong.
Out of the approximately 40 trading days,
Loss from RC real time coaching 8 days loss / 32 days win
Loss from NQ  Master: 10 days
Loss from myself making mistakes 10 days
Conclusion: At first I found Real Time Coaching very confusing because it always contradicts with NQ Master indicator. Then real time coaching changed from giving out trade signal to having more context coaching and I started to profit from it.
My idea to real time coaching:
I personally like real time coaching these days with Order flow analysis combining with Key levels and market context. It gives me a better understanding of the market.
From real time coaching, I would like to learn more on market context ,
Spoon feeding (giving us your POE to follow your trade) is like desserts, it tastes good but too much is not good
As your believe trading needs to be alone, I think as a lonely unexperienced trader, I need to have a good mentorship and advisory from one teacher only. So I will be paying for coaching."

Student J:
"After Order Flow lesson on 16/4, I start to have free online coaching on 18/4 after full installation of the Sierra Chart software.  In the first few days, I was still confused about Unfinished Business and Exhaustion Bar.  So even though I have online coaching, I was still hesitate on placing my orders.   Then I attended the second Order Flow Lesson on 24/4 again with all my queries/doubts on the first week trade issue.   All my queries have been sorted out by Rickey especially Rickey pulled out last few week order flow charts and explained to us one by one.   It really benefited us as the whole class were able to have Q & A immediately.

In the second week (25/4 - 29/4), I successfully made profit by placing orders with confidence after RC's online coaching and his explanation about market trend on the early session.  Each day, I placed 1 order in 2-3 times whenever RC advised us about the edge and how to read the edge of UB (Unfinished Business), Trapped Buyers/sellers & Exhaustion Bar on top of RC89 Indicators.    Although Order Flow is very new to me, I can tell it is an excellent tool to pair with RC89 Indicators.   I admit that this is like a high technique instrument that I still need time to get used to it.    This is still very fresh and RC free online coaching DEFINITELY help us to understand its functionality and its power.   It takes time for me to adjust myself not only to focus on Order Flow edge but watch RC89 Indicator simultaneously.

This Order Flow is a gift.   I love it."

Student T:
"Dear Rickey,
Thanks for your dedication for providing us free real time coaching. I really appreciated it a lot!

I am the second batch of RC order flow student and I only joined the real time coaching for four days only. It's amazing that all these four days are winning days! Unfortunately I could not place orders in my IB account due to some technical problems (They moved my account from interactive broker to interactive broker Hong Kong and I did not accept the agreement before the deadline because I have't traded for a long time. It took a few days to solve this problem) and I did not win (and lose) anything.
I sincerely hope that there will be real time coaching every month. It is reasonable for you to charge us money because you are sacrificing your own time but hope that the fee can be kept low.
Thanks again!"

Student L:
"Dear Rickey Sir,
For the Free Real-time coaching this month,
I have joined 6 days
I follow your singals win 5 days.
I trade by myself can win 4 days.
I am very thankful to you for your free real time coaching, it was really inspiring me especially on the "order-flow".  Since "order-flow" is new to us, and it don't have backtest result, so your advice on this is important to me. 
In my view, real time coaching with "Signal" should be charged, as this can win money back easily, but real time coaching "without signal" can inspire students, especially the fresh traders, free of change can encourage students to learn with confident.
I think whatsapp is a very good tools in real time coaching since we will not miss any message from you.
I really appreciate what you did for us and hope this real time coaching can continue as my dream is to become a sucessful trader.

Student A:
"Dear Rickey,
Below is my ES trading result, I mainly follow the RC89 and Order Flow Indicators.
Starting from 18/4 to 29/4, Total 10 days
Win 9 Days and loss 1 Day only.
Order Flow Indicators is very powerful and simple logic, help me to identify the buy and sell directions,
The most important is Unfinished Business, This is an edge we can wait for come back to sure win.
Delta and VWAP signal also help me to make the right decision.
I am very happy to learn more skill from Real Time Coaching. This is very helpful for me.
Thanks Rickey Sir always teach us"

Student I:
"I was lucky to be selected to join the 4 weeks RC Real Time Coaching. The results are as below:
Number of trades I won: 19 trades
Loss trade: 2 trades (I lost my consciousness (fall asleep) ... (not professional, right? :) ) after making the trade, and missed the chance to close up at a good price as you advised later on)
The result was stunning and I found that your explanation on the trade set up was so clear and educational. I would say the power of RC Real Time coaching is at least 300% when it combines with your RC Order Flow class. I am specially impressed with your detailed elaboration on how to combine RC ES Advance with the new RC Order Flow techniques.
As I have have totally no background on other technical analysis terms like VWAP, reversal .... , your further explanation in Real Time really cleared up my mind and resolved my issues. And I would like to express my gratitude to Tiffany who helped me set up those tools and charts on my computer.
Summing up as a whole, trading is a very enjoyable and winning activity under the coaching of RC. Thank you so much."

Student S:
"Dear Rickey,
Thanks for your valuable time and the effort you spent with us in real time coaching, its our pleasure to have your real time coaching. With your real time coaching and RC Order Flow, My winning percentage has been increased last month. RC Order Flow not only works excellent in RC 89, it also works very well in NQ Master, its important to me because i usually trade the early session.

Days traded and only follow Rickey Real Time Coaching
Trade Days: 17
Winning Day: 16
Losing Day: 1 (small lose)

Days traded using RC Indicator and Order Flow
Trade Days: 18
Winning Day: 13
Losing Day: 3
Break Even Day: 2" 

Student C:
"Dear RC Sir,
I have joined real time coaching since last Tuesday, Apr 26. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the effort RC sir paid to train me during real time trading. I took several trading courses in Hong Kong. RC is the only teacher I met who would provide real time coaching to help student to win in real time situation. I believe many teachers know that it is the best way to help student, but they don't do so, as they don't have the confident to spot out useful information to guide student via fast-changing real time situation, or their system is not good enough to help student get winning. RC sir provide real time coaching with strong confident. Winning without learning is not good enough, RC sir believe his student can learn and win at the same time. As a student, I can't ask for more.
Here is the summary of my trading result during the week of real time coaching
1. Traded 3 days with real time coaching. All days profit
2. Observed one day, which is the first day I join real time coaching.
3. Learnt extra knowledge on these few days, like how to improve performance during divergence and risk free trading, how to determine the market strength and weakness, also how to manage sudden market swing, etc
It is really good coaching and mentoring for me. I definitely will pay for the coaching."











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